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What You Need to Know About Toilet Installation

Toilets are our basic necessity, and it’s important to have a functional one in your household. The slightest mistake while installing the toilet can create havoc in your bathroom and your house.

Replacing a toilet looks like an easy job. Just dismantle the old toilet and install the new one. However, each task associated with this procedure needs expertise.

Below, we will explain the different types of toilets used in homes and why you should hire a professional toilet installer for your installation project.

Types of Toilets

Toilets usually look similar, but their functionality differs. Here are the common toilet set outs you will find in the market.


The S-trap style is an old-fashioned toilet set out which connects the bowl and underground sewerage pipe. You might not find this style in modern housing schemes due to its maintenance requirements.


The P-trap style is a common toilet set out, which is easier to install than the S-type. The drain pipe directly connects the bowl and outer wall, making it easier to replace.

Skew Pan

This style is uncommon as it comes with an offset slot for drainage at the toilet’s side. So, the waste pipe is not in front of the toilet. Instead, it’s on either side.

Now, let’s look at a few common types of toilets if you are planning for a replacement.

Link Toilet Suite

This toilet has a linked connection between the cistern and the pan with a plastic pipe, making it easily customizable. You should opt for a ceramic pipe connection for durability and longevity.


As the name suggests, a close-coupled toilet has a low gap between the cistern and pan. These toilets are the most common ones and are affordable.

Concealed Cistern

You will not find the cistern anywhere in the toilet as it’s concealed in the wall. The installation charges for concealed cistern toilets are higher due to their complexity.

Back to Wall

These toilets are joined with the back wall, leaving no gap for dust or mold. They are trendy, affordable, and easy to install.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Toilet Installation

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional contractor to complete the toilet installation.


A professional toilet installer is licensed, which means no home inspector will penalize you during an inspection. Additionally, you can rest assured that our installation team is properly educated and will provide a satisfactory installation.


Professional toilet installers are experienced as they have installed many toilets as part of residential projects. Their vast experience is a big plus because they are adept to dealing with many types of homes and bathrooms.

These toilet installers might also find something that needs repaired, saving you from a bigger problem.

Equipped With the Right Tools

Hiring a professional toilet installer is beneficial because they will have all the required tools and equipment. They also know how to properly use each tool to maximize efficiency in a toilet installation project.

Since the toilet installer has all the tools ready, rest assured that your toilet will be installed promptly.


Professional toilet installers are committed to their job, which means they responsibly execute each task.

It’s better to hire a professional toilet installer to ensure success rather than attempt a DIY method of installation.


If you are looking for a toilet replacement, you must consider what type of toilet is best for your household. Our experts will consider your aesthetic preferences and functional needs in order to provide a quality, lasting toilet installation.